Construction:  Allow Premium Homes, LLC to construct your next build project, including additions, attached or detached garages, porches, and decks.

Remodel:  Premium Homes, LLC is well known for it's Remodeling. We have developed a reputation in the industry for doing  beautiful remodeling jobs, from total home renovations to Bathroom Remodels, Kitchen Remodels, Basement Remodels, or any room in the house.

Repair:  So you say your mother-in-law backed into your garage and has demolished the door and bent the garage frame. Or maybe you need a door replaced, or you need rotten wood replaced behind the gutters. Not to worry, call us and we can make repairs to your home or business, whether the repairs are major or minor.

Design:  Many customers know that they want something done, but they are not sure about what they want, or what they want it to look like. Maybe they dont know how to best utilize the space, or they just don't have a vision or nack for design. That's OK. Let us help you. We can come in and consult with you and then provide you with design options that meet your needs. We will work with you through the entire process to ensure you are getting what you want. And unlike other contractors, here at Premium Homes, LLC, helping you design your project is free of charge.

Flip:  Premium Homes, LLC has also built a solid reputation for the houses we Buy, Redesign, Remodel and Sell in Washington D.C and Maryland. We are known for putting many amenities into our houses that are not normally found in standard flip projects, such as expandable smart technology (alarm systems, cameras, cell phone operated door locks and thermostats),  In-wall cable, In-wall HD wiring, USB Outlets, High end appliances, and more.  To date Premium Homes, LLC has not had one of our remodeled houses stay on the market for more than 30 days.  Our design and craftmanship speaks for itself.  This we are very proud of.
If you are in the market for a home and would like to know what we have available currently, or you have seen a house we are working on and would like to put it under contract in advance please contact us and express your interest.

Presale Flip:  In some instances clients have asked Premium Homes to help them find a house in a particular area that they are interested in.  Once we have found and agreed on the house, Premium Homes purchased the house and worked with the client on the design and rehab of the house. Upon completion of the renovation, the house is then purchased by the client for a predetermined cost that includes the renovation. The client gets the home they helped choose, in the area they wanted, and  totally renovated the way they wanted, all within their predetermined budget.